In her current body of work, Terry French offers viewers an eclectic series of imaginatively conceived paintings of landscapes, florals, waterscapes, and studies of exotic birds and tropical plants. She is a talented and disciplined artist with mature skills, but French never lets her artistry take precedence over the way an image naturally manifests itself on the canvas.


The common thread in French’s work is the ethereal sense of déjà vu that infuses each of her images. While her vivid but dreamlike visuals are what first capture the viewer’s eye, it is the intuitive emotional element in her paintings that draws them back again and again. In each painting, the artist seems to pull aside a veil in order to reveal her private world, a place where the effects of light and weather yield vibrant imagery, suspended in a tenuous balance between lyrical realism and psychological symbolism.

Viewers will find that her carefully composed and expertly executed canvases contain the rich character of the American Impressionists, replete with vibrant, saturated colors and an inner glow. With further examination, however, it becomes evident that the seminal style of past painters was just the stepping-off place for French, who has now staked out her own unique and fully realized stylistic ground. While reflecting the spirit of her early influences, her current painting style fuses together mood, light, tone, and saturated color, resulting in a rare visual transcendence that is characteristic of her canvases.

It is clear that Terry French is possessed of a distinctive artistic voice. The net result of her creative efforts is an extensive body of work comprised of rich, color-drenched paintings each imbued with her signature style and technique. These are the works of a mature artist whose sure hand creates imagery that is remarkably broad in its reach. Her paintings are thought-provoking and profound reflections of an inner dialogue that the artist reveals to us in each subtle layer of paint she applies to the canvas.